LoyaltyΧ software

Loyalty X software as a service cloud platform

LoyaltyX Software Customer Rewards System … your customer’s loyalty is 100% important for the future of your business!

Increase your sales volume by 50%, increasing your loyal customers by 20% with LoyaltyX rewards system software!

Special edition for cafes and bars! With electronic seals! e.g. for every 5 coffees 1 coffee free, for every 10 coffees a snack etc

Customers spend 30% more on loyalty programs! 80% of your turnover is done by 20% of your customers ( Paretto rule)

We provide quality plastic cards and digital cards for the Apple Wallet & Android Passbook!

Complete cloud loyalty software with many features at a unique price! It works as a stand-alone system or connected to your cash register or computer.

  • Cloud Loyalty app

    Loyalty cloud application (responsive)

    Grant user/admin permissions as you wish

  • Redeeming points

    Set up a reward policy (e.g. x points per visit, x points per turnover, % X refund, x cash back message)

  • Easy to customize

    Setup custom fields for your members : you can setup custom fields as you like, easily via system settings

  • Loyalty web application

    Web access to your members via your website. You just put a link onto your website to your public web loyalty program url. Your members will be able to check their points, transactions, rewards, push notifications.

loyalty dashboard

Easy Rest Αpi

With loyaltyX rest api you can slot LoyaltyX into any IT infrastructure

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